The founder of Jin Pei Holistic Education Center, Jimmy Leu, was born in 1954 in Taipei, Taiwan. He studied Tai Chi with Masters Wang Shizhang and Li Jinzong for years and practiced various forms of Chinese martial arts for more than twenty years. His style of Tai Chi belongs to the “internal practice,” focusing more on finding the roots and connectivity within the body, than on simply drilling external martial art forms.

Master Leu received formal education from a Chinese Medicine Academy in Southern California. Combining his medical knowledge of human body with his practice of various martial art forms, he designed many series of healing exercise forms that are aimed at improving our body’s flexibility, mobility, relaxation, and energy level.

JinPei’s classes are offered throughout Southern California, in Rowland Heights, West Covina, Villa Park, Temple City, San Marino, and Irvine. Please check the class locations page for details.

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